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Grammatica Tutoring|ESL

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Grammatica Tutoring Services

Grammatica is a high-school , university and ESL focused tutoring service that assists students with a variety of projects: homework, reading material, essays/projects, exams, applications, and written/spoken English, etc.

Grammatica is unlike other tutoring centres as all our teachers are both Honour graduates from the University of Toronto and they are certified Ontario teachers who know how to work with students from all academic backgrounds and abilities. We are professionals who know exactly how to challenge your child, make them think deeper about course material, and have them feel more enthusiasm about education. Our track record with past students indicates we have proven success in being able to demonstrate higher achievement for those who enroll.

Moreover, Grammatica is one of the only tutoring centres that assists University students with their course material. We have teachers who are currently TAs at York University and UTM. They have an exceptional understanding of what professor's expect in student work.

Grammatica instructors are certified in assisting with the following high school and university courses: English, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Social Sciences, and Psychology. If there are other courses you are interested in, please send us an email and we will try and coordinate for your special requests.

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Grammatica Tutoring ESL
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